allgav-tuktuk1      WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO.

chaveca      The Allgav-It company Unipessoal Lda, was founded in 2008 but only in 2013 was created within the Allgav-it company and the Brand Allgav-TukTuk, in order to offer urban tourist circuits, Allgav decided it would be essential that the Algarve also had vehicles of these to promote turism in the Algarve in a fun and clean way and also be a means of showing the history and culture of an entire people and not only the sea and beaches of the Algarve, in a way redefining tourism in Algarve. Visiting the municipality of Portimão, Lagoa, Silves and Monchique all its history, landscapes and get a real feel of all these municipalities have to offer. The idea to make these circuits through vehicles like the eletric Tuk Tuks, aims to be more interactive between the tourists and the very city due to the vehicle being completely open, providing a view of 360 ° and  without any noise associated with the vehicle engine, do to the low noise the communication between the driver / tour guide is much easier to. The Tuk-Tuk, also known as auto-rickshaw, is a model of rickshaw (or wagon) motor with cabin for transport of passengers or goods, widely used in many developing countries, especially in Ásia. There are models powered by a combustion engine , electric, pedal and human-powered. The model of Tuk Tuk's of Allgav-TukTuk are electric. Recently, some European countries have adopted also this means of transport for tourism, for weddings, for business events, for promotion and dissemination of products and images as they are very versatile vehicles and has an extraordinary visibility, because wherever they go they are always noted for its different image and for being clean. These vehicles (Tuk Tuk Electric) were brought to Portugal in 2012, the company Tuk tour porto that thought that these vehicles would be an excellent means of promoting tourism in Portugal. As the capital of tourism in Portugal's Algarve, Allgav decided it would be essential that the Algarve also had vehicles of these to promote the region, in a fun and non-polluting form and also be a means to show the history and culture of Algarve.